Cloud Chasing Vape Guide | Tips and Tricks

Cloud Chasing comes from Power Vaping. A practice of producing huge clouds of vapor by vaporizing e-liquid at a high rate. This practice is popularized in 2013 by the video of a Filipino who made a buzz on the web.  The cloud chasing complex formula establishes itself gradually into the landscape of the e-cigarette as an extreme vaping sport.

What is Cloud Chasing?

Considered by some as an art or sport, Cloud Chasing involves vaper of large clouds of vapor with powerful hardware vape hardware. And this by exhaling the vapor in a particular way. While making air with his hands to diffuse so as to make figures as ephemeral as impressive. These cover the term “cloud tricks “.

The phenomenon remains rather marginal. Yet some Cloud Chasers make their talents known on YouTube or Dailymotion.

In the age of social networks, the sharing and distribution of new figures or tutorials allowing everyone to try this practice constantly energize and renew the Cloud Chasing movement. What to ask until this practice will go. Especially when you know that the technologies used in the e-cigarettes keep progressing.

However, like any extreme sport that respects itself, the practice is not without risk. Whether for the equipment or for the vaper. In fact, a bad use of the battery, a bad assembly, and choice of materials of the coils, too-long support on the button of ignition, or a rate of nicotine too high in the e-liquid are all elements that can constitute a risk for novice vapers. A practice that is to be reserved for veteran vapers.

NOTE: This cloud chasing guide is meant for experienced vapers.  If you are having trouble keeping up please visit our: Vape Glossary

Cloud Chasing Gear

To get started chasing the biggest clouds possible you will need to gear up.  Selecting the proper equipment is crucial to blowing those massively huge clouds.

We will be taking a look at:

  1. High Drain Batteries
  2. Vape Mod
  3. Atomizers
  4. Building Coils
  5. Wicking Material
  6. E-Liquid

High Drain Batteries

The batteries present in your box must be compatible with sub ohm resistance coils. Either a resistance lower than 1 ohm. It is necessary to wake up not to exceed the maximum continuous discharge current (expressed in 5A, 10A, 20A, 25A, 30A). It is essential to equip yourself with a high maximum discharge current (in 25A or 30A) batteries. Prioritize the brands that are renowned for their quality (Samsung, LG, Sony, efest, Panasonic, etc.). Also, beware of batteries at broken prices and the questionable origin of those sold on certain sites.

A Sony VTC6 18650 battery with a maximum voltage of 4.20V and 3000mAh is for example a good choice to start.

To know more about the batteries, do not hesitate to take a look at this very complete article on high drain batteries.

Choosing the Right Vape Mod

A dual battery mod is recommended. Followed by a mech mod working with a liquid tank to feed the dripper manually. And this by pressing the PVC bottle. These are called Squonk Mods. The mech mod has no integrated display or electronics.

Regarding the mod, make sure that it is at a very good power. If using a regulated mod it should support 100 watts of power at a minimum, you can start having a little fun.

An electronic mod is ideal to start. Indeed it indicates all the parameters to be taken into account so as not to overheat the battery. Also, he knows how to make the best use of your coils without taking unnecessary risks (overheating, burnt coils, etc.).

The professionals strongly favor the mechanical mod option. In fact, the integrated connectivity ensures faster heating and more consistent vapor production with coils with very low resistances. However, the mechanical boxes require a great knowledge of the vape. This is because they are not secure and do not allow to anticipate an overheating of the battery. You will also need to learn to master “ohm’s law” to avoid this kind of problem. A book connoisseur, therefore. Again, as in all extreme sports, the practice of Chasing Cloud is not insignificant!

Ohm’s law is used to determine a resistance value (in Ohms) by dividing a voltage (in Volts) by the intensity (in Amperes).

The Atomizer

The Pulse 24 dual coil RDA and the RTA Mage are good atomizers to start the Cloud Chasing smoothly. The RTA Dripper Mage has a tank.

You have to turn to the rebuildable atomizers. It is the most efficient in terms of vapor production and hydration of the cotton wick. These atomizers make it possible to build customized resistance coils. The ability to customize properties allows you to change and increase the production of vapor.

A single or double coil RDA or RTA will do the trick for a beginner. But there are rebuildable atomizers that allow 4 or even 8 coils on the build deck (quad coil, octa coil, etc.). These are the prerogative of the professionals as the vape setups can be meticulous and difficult to build. 

NOTE: When looking for raw power, a dual coil atomizer is usually more than enough.

Resistance Wire Builds

For resistance, choose thick wires. From 24 Ga (0.5 mm Ø) one can start producing big vapor.

The lower the resistance, the faster it heats. Similarly, the larger the diameter of your resistive wire, the larger the heating surface. And the more the amount of e-liquid heated by your resistance will be important. So prefer assemblies of very thick wires with large diameters.  Thick wire has more surface area which will require more power to heat, which is why we need high wattage mods.

GA VS diameter

Attention there are two types of writing for the thickness of the wires. American writing in GA is reversed. The smaller the number, the thicker the cable. A wire 24 GA is therefore 0.5 mm Ø while a 26 Ga wire will 0.4.

The assemblies in a parallel coil (both resistive son glued in parallel) or twist (several braided wires) are also a good choice for beginners. Even if you can make them yourself (which requires a lot of fingering and hardware), kanthal son resistive son twisted ready are fortunately commercially available. Which avoids doing stupid things.

In parallel, you obviously need tools for assembling complete kits. These are commercially available. To begin, a small screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and flat pliers should suffice.

The Clapton fused in 28GA * 2 + 32GA is an example of twisted resistive wire.

Super Absorbent Wicking Material

For cotton wicks, you are spoiled for choice. However, it is better to focus on quality fibers such as those offered by Japanese cotton. The latter is rather reputed, untreated, and 100% organic.

Related: Best Cotton Wicking – Check out some of the best cotton wicks to get the job of cloud chasing accomplished.

Cloud Chasing E-Liquid

The composition of the e-liquid obviously plays an important role in the production of vapor.

To spit out vast and thick clouds of vapor, it is necessary to dwell on the rate of Propylene Glycol vs Glycerin vegetable of your e-liquid.

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG): Is thick and is the component that produces vapor density.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG): Offers a better rendering of flavor and a better hit, but this is not ideal for cloud chasing.

Vegetable glycerin will produce more vapor when heated than propylene glycol. This is explained by a higher boiling threshold. 255 ° C for vegetable glycerin against 188 ° C for propylene glycol.

We, therefore, prefer an e-liquid with a high rate of VG or full VG for practicing Cloud Chasing. It is also advisable to take e-liquids without nicotine or with very little nicotine. The reason: your e-liquid consumption will be greater in Cloud Chasing. Therefore you assimilate more nicotine than normal.

Here, we hope that this little article has caught your interest in the practice of Cloud Chasing. And brings you some key concepts to start your cloud chasing journey. This article is not intended to be completely exhaustive. It is therefore up to you to deepen your research on the subject from your side. For this nothing better than to watch the many articles and tutorials available on the web. Feel free to share your achievements on the networks once you become a Cloud Chasing professional!


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