Best Percentage Of Flavor Extract For DIY E-Liquid

DIY E-Liquid Preparation

Your chemist’s plan is ready. You have the e-liquid base solutions, concentrated flavor extract, and maybe even some sweetening boosters to add to your DIY E-Liquid mix. The anticipation goes up, you have only one desire: to mix your bottle DIY vape juice! But the doubt clouds your mind and a questioning gnaws at you: what is the percentage of flavoring extract that needs to be added?

First of all, we invite you to bring a syringe or a graduated pipette. These indispensable tools will allow you to obtain the most accurate measurements possible. Are you equipped? Don’t forget your empty e-liquid bottles… Perfect.

In 99% of cases, the dosage is in ml or drops. Of course, the larger your base will be, the higher the amount of concentrated flavor extract you will need to incorporate. To know precisely the right proportions, it is imperative to refer to the flavor percentages provided by the manufacturer. Flavor extract percentage is also specified on each of our product sheets.

Calculate Flavor Extract Percentage

Start off small.  A little bit of flavoring usually goes a long way.  We recommend starting off with percentages of 5% and if you’re mixing two or more flavorings then have the combined flavor percentage at no more than 10%.  If you find that your final e-liquid product is not strong enough then begin experimenting with higher percentages.

NOTE:  If you are a 3% Sub-ohm vaper, you will want a lower flavoring percentage than someone who vapes MTL where smaller vape clouds are produced.

In most cases, the final percentage of e-liquid flavoring is between 10% and 15%. But it’s not uncommon to see brands like Halo advocating higher dosages of up to 25%.

To make things easier, we will base our situation on a flavor concentration with a recommended percentage of 15%. If you have a 50pg/50vg base of 100 ml, you will need to add 15ml of flavor extract. Nothing wizard. For a base of 50ml, you will therefore have to incorporate 7.5 ml. If your e-liquid base is only 25ml, the addition of the flavor extract will be 3.75ml.

As you can see, a rule of three can quickly determine the volume of concentrated flavors to put in your base. Multiply the percentage of flavor extract by the amount of your base and divide it by 100. Mathematics haunted us all during school … now you know why our teachers were so demanding!

Fine Tune Flavoring Percentage

It’s a breeze, however, a criterion is to be taken into account when mixing: the rate of VG of your base. As you know, vegetable glycerin tends to dampen flavors. If your base has a higher LV level than propylene glycol, it will be necessary to add a higher dose of e-liquid flavoring. The indications provided by the brands concerning the flavors are therefore no longer very accurate and with an e-liquid base having 100% VG, the percentage can double! It’s up to you to try and multiply the tests: it’s also for this beautiful freedom that we love DIY!

You have all the information you need to develop great recipes. Nothing, however, prevents you to refine the mixture by adding a little more concentrated flavor if you find that everything is a little bland. You are the only master on board!


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