Vape Battery Safety | Vaping Batteries at Their Worst

How often do we think about our vaping batteries?  While placing my batteries inside my beautiful box mod I started thinking about vape battery safety.

Is it a problem? What can we do to take precautions against batteries that may one day exhaust or explode inside our vape mods.

It’s time to take some action!

Vaping Battery Risks

If your batteries do not have the same voltage, the same chemistry, or the same discharge current, they can create a real imbalance within your mod. Your batteries will discharge following two different voltage curves, and the battery with the highest voltage will support the bulk of the load while it should be regularly balanced between the two batteries. Worse: the busier of the two will try to recharge the weaker. Some chips will receive a message that they will not interpret and several problems may occur.

Many cases have been reported in France, Spain, UK, and the United States, as well as in other parts of the world.  The vaping community as a whole is growing outstandingly large.  Concerns are proportionally growing as well. 

Batteries have many risks and these risks are not just limited to the vape batteries inside our mods. These concerns and risks are the same risks that apply to our flashlights, battery-powered tools, and that fancy rotating shower face washer.

If a vape battery unexpectedly dies on you it can get nasty.  Most vape batteries will just exhaust, meaning steam or fluid may leak out of them.  But there have been cases where vape batteries have exploded.

Vape Battery Safety Precautions

Whether 18650, 20700, or 21700 size vape batteries, the three most commonly used sizes today, your batteries are the most sensitive parts of your box. We, therefore, recommend that you always be extra vigilant when using them.

Without going into the technical details specific to the amperage or the discharge currents of your batteries, it is important to consider the following points when you want to marry two batteries within the same mod, be it electronic, or more delicate, mechanical.

1. Marry Your 18650 Batteries

As stated above.  It’s important that you take two new batteries and keep them together so that they degrade and discharge at the same rate.  This might not be possible if you’re dealing with a single battery mod.

2. Clean Your Batteries

From time to time you should give your batteries a good wipe down.  You don’t want e-liquid or other contaminants inside your vape mod and in-between the electrical components.  This can cause a short.

3. Buy Reputable Batteries

Make sure that you buy well known brand name 18650 batteries.  Quality control is very important.  The last thing that you want is some third-party battery company selling you a vape battery that has been re-wrapped or poorly manufactured.

4.  Do Not Buy Vape Battery Lies 

Batteries in general have certain limitations.  These limitations are the life (mAh) and amps that a battery can realistically produce.  There are some companies that just flat out lie about the physical capacity of their batteries.  Again, stay away from the 18650 battery that pushes out 90 amp and 8000 mAhs.  It’s just not possible.

5. Check You Vape Battery Wrappers

Make sure to check your vape battery wrapping frequently.  Yes, frequently.  Some vape mods have really stiff positive and negative connectors.  Taking your batteries out and back in frequently can over time cause them to tear.  Rips and tearing of the outer shell are really dangerous.  Safely dispose of those batteries before they short out.

6. Buy Some Battery Cases

If you have a ton of vape batteries lying around then it would be best to store them in some vape battery safety containers.  This is a good idea to keep them from rolling around and making accidental connections that can lead to dangerous situations.

7. Check Your Battery Specifications

Take a little time to learn about ohms law.  If your battery only puts out 10amps, then do not build a coil that draws 20amps.

8. Buy an External Battery Charger

It is not recommended to rely on your vape device’s mini USB charging port.  The vape mod might be equipped with the ability to charge your vape batteries on board but you are trusting the chip inside the mod to regulate and prevent over-charging of batteries.  Invest in a dedicated vape battery charger.

Vape Battery Safety Advice

In order to allow you to vape in the safest possible conditions, although it is “technically” possible to vape with two different batteries, we strongly recommend using two batteries with the same technical characteristics, so two identical models, and always use them together. Two new batteries purchased at the same time will also age in the same way, will count a number of identical charging cycles… and everything will be fine! Better a little basic security than eternal regrets!

When in doubt, replace those vape batteries.

When To Change The Batteries Of an Electronic Cigarette?

1. Maxed Charging Cycles

If you have not decided to buy a box or an integrated battery mod, it is likely that you have chosen hardware requiring a battery or batteries! Whether they are 18350, 18650, 20700, 21700, or 26650, these batteries are not immortal. Like many batteries, our dear companions who animate our electronic cigarettes have a limited life. After some research with the various manufacturers, we quickly see that an accumulator can support between 300 and 500 charging cycles!

This information is not the most accurate and various parameters can reduce or increase this life expectancy. If there is no data to determine exactly when to replace a battery, there are signs to know when to change the batteries of the electronic cigarette!

2. Replace Discharged Batteries

Although this does not concern the majority of vapers, it is part of vape battery safety.  It is necessary to address the subject of mechanical mods! Devoid of any protection, these mods require attention at all times. With this type of equipment, the power delivered depends on the resistance in place but also on the battery. The more it empties, the less it will be able to provide enough energy to properly heat the coil. This loss of power is felt. However, it happens that users push their battery in their last retrenchment: the battery is in deep discharge!

If new generation chargers can bring these valuable batteries back to life, the discharge is sometimes so intense that the batteries become unusable. You will have no choice but to purchase a replacement.

3. A Loss Of Battery Capacity

In less extreme cases and after several months of good and loyal service the batteries are slowly losing in performance. They do not offer as much autonomy and tend to overheat during use. If you notice a decrease in the capacity of your battery or an increase in temperature, you will know that it is necessary to turn to new batteries for vape battery safety!

4. Damaged Vape Battery

The change of a battery for an e-cigarette can also intervene following degradation of the latter. If the plastic that surrounds the battery and plays the role of insulation is damaged, two options are available to you. The first will be to acquire wraps to replace the deteriorated insulation. This operation only takes a few minutes and requires little skill. The second solution will be to replace the battery. The plastic surrounding the battery is essential and avoids any risk of a short circuit. Do not take any risks and do not hesitate to act as soon as the protection is no longer intact!

More seriously, if dark traces are visible on the battery or if a shock is present, you must take the time to analyze the problem in order to fix it! By removing the wraps you can look at the battery from all angles and make the right decision. In the case of tasks, if they leave with a dry cloth then you can put a new wrap. On the contrary, if the tasks do not leave, it means that rust attacks the metal … The change of the battery will be the one and only solution!

This replacement will also be necessary if an impact is present on the body of the battery. Regardless of the size of the impact and its depth, the battery must go to recycling, in a special tray, present for example in supermarkets. It’s about your vape battery safety! Respect your batteries and do not hesitate to change them at the slightest doubt. It is foolish to take risks, it’s not worth it to be lazy or cheap when it comes to your safety and protection.


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