Regulated vs Unregulated Mods | What are Vape Mod Types

All vape mods and electronic cigarettes can be broken down into one of these two categories.

Regulated vs. Unregulated Mods

Regulated and unregulated mods continue to trigger heated debates in the vaping world. Enthusiasts of both shower their favorite devices with praises while incessantly pointing out drawbacks of the other mod type.

The fact is there are merits and demerits of both mod types. Each device has some actions it can perform well while straining in other areas. Keep reading to know more about regulated and unregulated mods, including the upsides and downsides of each device.

What is a Regulated Mod?

A regulated mod features an electrical circuit board that controls the current or power. 

No matter the amount of power available in the battery, you are guaranteed to receive a continuous fixed voltage until the battery is completely drained. The replaceable or built-in battery can be charged through a USB cable.

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A regulated mod also allows you to adjust both wattage and voltage in boosts. Some even allow you to set temperature limitations based on the kind of wire used to make your coil. 


Other regulated mods, also known as temperature control vape mods, can detect the temperature and will perform micro adjustments to guarantee the best vaping experience. Temperature control is gradually turning out to be a typical feature in all regulated mods. Examples of regulated mods with temperature control include ELeaf Pico 25 and iStick 40W TC.

Many regulated mods have tools integrated into the circuits to enable ohm and voltage readings. They also come with digital screens that allow you to regulate the settings on your mod to customize the hit that suits your needs.

Vaping with a regulated mod is safer compared to an unregulated mod due to these features.

Advantages of Regulated Mods

  • Suitable for Beginner Vapers

Regulated mods are ideal for newbie vapers since they have integrated safety functionalities to prevent overloading or overheating of batteries, which could lead to potentially harmful results. Overheated batteries can trigger small fires or even result in a small explosion that can cause serious bodily injury or fatality.  Features like short circuit protection, low resistance safety, and battery overcharge safety are perfect for beginners who are still in the learning process.

  • Longer Battery Life

Since the voltage is controlled, regulated mods tend to have a significantly longer battery life compared to unregulated ones. The regulators don’t support pulling at an exceedingly high voltage, helping prevent rapid battery life drainage.

  • Easier to Charge

Other than the longer battery life, regulated mods are also easier to charge than their unregulated counterparts are. They come with a charging port built on the device. Some regulated devices have direct charging pots, meaning you can still vape while charging.


  • Sometimes Consists of Countless Confusing Features

Some regulated mods come with some features that may confuse not only beginner vapers but also veteran vapers. This confusion partly arises from a lack of clear explanation in the user manual.

  • Countless Possibilities for Things to Go Wrong

These devices have a high risk of becoming faulty due to the complex electrical wiring.

  • Not Each Coil Will Fire

Due to the low resistance protection, some coils may fail to fire.

What is An Unregulated Mod?

Unregulated mods lack internal circuitry and instead power is transmitted from batteries to coils through a direct wired connection.  There are no Screens on these mods.

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They contain a button or cap that permits the flow of electricity when pushed. This design makes unregulated mods easier to use than regulated ones. However, unregulated mods lack built-in safety mechanisms, which exposes users to higher risks. Since wattage and voltage output are uncontrolled in these devices, they transmit unparalleled power to the coils that encourage the building of bigger clouds.


Unregulated mods are available in different categories: parallel, series, mechanical, or hybrids. They are all easy to use and perfect for building massive clouds. If you are a veteran vaper looking to optimize your vaping experience, then an unregulated mod will help you accomplish that.

Types of Unregulated Mods

  • Parallel Unregulated Mods

These types of mods use over one battery. The batteries support low resistance devoid of too much strain since they share the burden of coil resistance. This allows amperage to double and battery life to improve.

  • Series Unregulated Mods

Batteries in these unregulated mods generate twice the voltage, meaning they will hit stronger and support bigger wire mass. However, only voltage increases, battery life, and amperage don’t change.

  • Mechanical Tube Mods

Just as their name suggests, these mods are tubular and simple. The tube can accommodate only one battery, and it is compatible with a 18650, 26650, or 18350 battery. The tube is made of metallic materials like stainless steel, copper, or brass.

  • Hybrid mods

They are a category of mech mods that lack a 510 connection.  Your tank or atomizer connects directly to the battery. They streamline power transfer and minimize current or voltage loss.

WARNING: A warning to all hybrid mod users.  Make sure your atomizer has a good size protruding 510 pin.  Loose or insecure connections can short out your battery causing venting and possible explosions.

Advantages of Unregulated Mods

  • Easy to Customize

Unregulated mods have simpler wiring that you can easily customize to suit your vaping demands. Extensive understanding of electrical wiring and experience in using mods will come in handy during the customization process.

  • Upgrade Batteries

Apart from changing the wiring, upgrading the battery to more powerful models is another important strategy for customizing your unregulated mod.

  • High Wattage and Voltage Output

With elevated wattage and voltage output, you can enjoy a stronger flavor and massive clouds.


  • Current Reduces as Battery Drains

Unregulated mods supply unparalleled current without depending on an electronic circuit board to control it. The battery keeps delivering the current, but the voltage decreases as the charge in the battery depletes.

  • Not Ideal for Newbies

Since they lack integrated safety mechanisms, unregulated mods can expose newbies to a wide array of risks. Batteries may explode due to overutilization.

  • Knowledge of Ohm’s Law and Battery Safety Needed

 These mods are recommended for vapers who are conversant with Ohm’s Law, battery safety, and coil rebuilding.

Final Verdict

In the long run, the vaping experience you are searching for will determine the type of mod you choose. If you are a beginner vaper, you should consider starting with a regulated mod to help you learn intricate details about vaping. Regulated mods are also ideal for veteran vapers who are looking to build clouds while relaxing. For those who are looking to elevate their vaping game and attain master status when it comes to cloud chasing, unregulated mods would be an intelligent choice for them.


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