What is a Clearomizer VS Rebuildable Tank (RTA)

Many E-Cig shops will put these two products in the same exact category.

It’s actually quite common to see Clearomizers and Rebuildable Tanks all grouped together.  Although they both have tanks, these two types of tanks are very different from each other.

Clearomizers VS Rebuildable Tanks

If you’ve stumbled into this article you’re probably looking for a clear distinction between the two. The difference between a Clearomizer Vs Rebuildable Tank is largely related to their ease of use and setup.

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Let’s start with Clearomizers.

Clearomizer Tanks

Most of the time just referred to as Clearomizers.  They could also be called “Clearomizer Tanks” which is the same thing.  As you may have guessed, Clearomizers have a tank section that you can fill with your favorite juice.  When it runs out you can fill it up again.

When you feel like your vape is not as cloudy as it once was.  You can take the tank section apart and replace the atomizer with a new atomizer.

Disposable Clearomizer Tanks

Keep in mind that not all Clearomizers have replaceable atomizer heads. Sometimes they are just one-time use. These are what as known as disposables.  You use the Clearomizer and throw it out. Then replace it with a whole new clearomizer that includes the tank section.  Extra atomizer heads are sometimes included but also sold separately.

Replaceable Clearomizer Cartridges

Aspire Nautilus Tank Clearomizer by Aspire blog

Make sure to check your brand and Clearomizer model when purchasing replacement atomizer heads.  Once you have purchased replacement cartridges you can swap out the old cartridge for a new one.  This is a more common option found in clearomizers.

The main idea behind Clearomizers is that there is nothing you need to rebuild.  You simply replace the atomizer with a new pre-built one.

Some Clearomizer atomizer heads can be rebuilt but were not intended for rebuilding.  If you have one of those types of atomizer heads. I.E. Kangertech, you can break out the boiled yarn, tweezers, needle nose pliers, wire and start doing what God never intended. Nor the manufacturer.

To sum things up, Clearomizers are not meant for rebuilding coils.

Rebuildable Tanks (RTAs)


Rebuildable tanks are called RTAs for short.  Meaning Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, and they are just that.

There is no atomizer cartridge and you can not purchase replacement cartridges. You must build your own atomizer coils.

Atomizer Coil Building

There is a tank for refilling and a place for your atomizer.  The only difference is that this atomizer unit was meant for rebuilding!  But this does not come without its drawbacks.  You will need to build your own coil.  To do this you will need to purchase some supplies so that you can build coils.

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Coil Building Tools

In order to rebuild your atomizer it’s going to take a combination of the following:

  • Tools – Screwdrivers and hex keys
  • Cotton or wicks – Organic cotton is recommended
  • Kanthal wire – The best wire to start out with
  • Kanthal mesh – Depending on the rebuildable tank style
  • Ohms reader – Might be a feature on your mod but can be purchased separately
  • Coil jig – for wrapping your coils around
  • A good YouTube tutorial or blog guide on rebuildable tanks

Last but not least it will take some time.  Which could make Clearomizers more convenient.  After all your hard work though, you will learn to customize your coils and most of the time outperform Clearomizers.  Rebuilding will also save you money in the long run.  Plus, with the experience, you’re ready to move to a Rebuildable Drip Atomizer (RDAs) if you so chose.

If you’re still not sure what kind of tank you should buy, rest assure there is a solution for that.  Hybrids are units that have replaceable atomizer heads manufactured and come with an RTA section for rebuilding the tank coil.  You choose which type of base you want to use.

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